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The Statue Of Murugan

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The statue of Murugan is the world's largest statue of this Hindu God. This 43-meter high statue stands near the stairs to the Batu caves, a popular Hindu Shrine. Although the main Hindus migrated to Malaysia in the late nineteenth century, religion itself got in much earlier with the Indian merchants. And the famous temple Caves near Batu caves built more than two centuries ago, a rich Indian merchant.

A modern statue of this revered Hindu deity appeared near the temple in 2006. Three years it took fifteen Indian sculptors and the same number of local artists and architects to create the monument. The sculpture left one and a half thousand cubic metres of concrete for bridge construction took 250 tons of steel I-beams. To cover statues from Thailand brought a gold paint with a capacity of 300 liters. The cost of this project exceeded half a million dollars. After the opening, the sculpture was entered in the Guinness book of records.

Harmony in such a peaceful and stable country like Malaysia due respect for the culture, religion and customs of all the nationalities inhabiting it. And in the opening of the Shrine, so important for the inhabitants profess Hinduism, and was attended by representatives of the government, as well as many guests from India. The statue is showered with flowers from helicopters, were in the evening sky especially for this celebration.

In India, the statue depicts the Supreme God of war. Tamils, of Indian nationality, living in Malaysia, revere him as a defender from the war victorious and as the giver of fertility. Always shown as a young man, armed with bow and spear, a constant attribute is a flag with a picture of a rooster.

After the discovery of the statue of Murugan, except pilgrims to the temple and the caves began to arrive tourists, attracted to the extraordinary size of the statue. Their stream reaches thousands of people.