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Butterfly Park

Photos and description

The butterfly Park of Kuala Lumpur is considered the best in the collection of the attractions of the Botanical garden (another name for Lake Park). It is located near the Central lake of the Park area.

On the area of 80 thousand square meters, among the flowering vines, flowers and unique smells of the live and fluttering six thousand of these beautiful creatures. For them fully recreated natural habitat - the tropical forest. Over 15 thousands of plants from the Malaysian tropics planted in the Park of butterflies, turning it into a mini-Botanical garden. Diversify the Park a small pond with Japanese koi fish and freshwater turtles. Mesh over the Park stretched high enough, creating the butterflies the illusion of complete freedom. Along the trails there are tables with pieces of bananas and pineapple juice which help themselves the main inhabitants of the Park. Near these feeders have the opportunity to consider them in detail.

The exotic butterflies are the most amazing colors and variety of sizes is represented by 120 species. Their breeding in the Park there is a special nursery.

Despite high humidity, the beauty of the Park is associated with earthly Paradise. Deservedly so, the channel "discovery", having 200 million viewers worldwide, said that of all the parks butterflies none can match it.

In the Park there is the Museum of entomology. His exposition offers to inspect a huge collection of butterflies of other continents, and insects from all over the world. In a special aquarium live lizards incredible shapes and colors, Scorpions, spiders, beetles and frogs. In contrast to the fluttering butterflies, this set of terrestrial creatures would not be of interest to every visitor.

Detailed information about butterflies inquisitive tourists can get to the exhibition center. The shop, standing on duty at the exit of the Park, offers a wide range of sets of butterflies under glass - in memory of the visit to the Park.