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Train station of Kuala Lumpur is among the ten most beautiful in the world. This striking example of the so-called British colonial architecture was built in the city center in 1910.

The author of the project - Arthur Habeck known architect, invited from the UK to oversee the development of Malaysia's capital in the first half of the twentieth century. His commitment to the Moorish style, in combination with Indo-Saracenic motifs, largely contributed to create the unique look of the young city. Thanks to skillful application of these styles he was able to make a very large station building, almost like a toy outside.

The city already had two railway stations. But in connection with the intensive development required was a large train station. The estimated construction cost exceeded 23 thousand dollars. The first of August 1910, the station was opened and for many years became the largest railway junction in Malaysia.

If you look at it it is impossible to believe that inside are railway platforms, trains. Elegant snow-white building adorned with fairy-tale towers, crowned with cupolas domes, delicate arches, elegant spires, and resembles an airy cake. From some angles it could be mistaken for the original design of the mosque. Apparently, the impact that a year earlier, the architect Habek designed by the famous mosque Jameka. With such an extraordinary, outlandish appearance, the inside of the station was the usual, very large train station.

After almost 75 years, the station has undergone reconstruction. Increased the flow of tourists, required comfortable conditions for them. The building was equipped Lounges modern level, air-conditioned bars and information kiosks.

With time came the realization that a beautiful building has become one of the most attractive sights and requires a more careful operation. A kilometer to the South it began construction of a new station. It opened on 15 April 2001 and immediately unloaded the old railway station from long-distance transportation. There began the creation of the railway Museum: old railroad equipment restored and shipped to the capital. Even here there was a small shunting locomotive and a century of fire truck. In 2007, the 50th anniversary of the independence of Malaysia, old railway station was opened as a Museum, and the building received heritage status of the Malaysian people.

Today it is used as a commuter train station. The purpose of the cultural center, an architectural landmark and a jewel of the city.