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Mount Kinabalu

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Mount Kinabalu located in the national Park of the island of Borneo (another name for the island of Kalimantan), and is his trademark. The Park bears the name of its main attractions Kinabalu.

In Southeast Asia, Kinabalu is one of the highest mountains - 4095 meters. Kinabalu national Park - home to many endemic species, both animal and plant species. For example, almost one-tenth of all the world's known species of ferns grow in this Park. Here was almost 800 species of the Orchid family. In the Park Kinabalu species diversity of mammals over a hundred, only the great apes observed four species. The number of species of birds 326 has also recorded 12 species of annelids, is also endemic. Due to the very diverse nature of the mountain and the Park around it in 2000 listed in the world heritage list of UNESCO. The mountain landscape varies from the lush tropics on a lower level to mountain forests at the middle and subalpine meadows on the upper.

Mount Kinabalu is by its very nature is volcanic. This is one of the youngest mountain systems in the world, and it continues to grow annually by five millimeters. The first known expedition that explored this region, took place in 1895, it was led by a naturalist from Britain Hugh Lowe. He also had the honor of being the first man that rose to the top. The highest point of the mountain named after him - low's peak. There are other bizarre peaks with unusual names.

Kinabalu, the complexity of ascension is available even to Amateurs, subject to appropriate health. Every day hundreds of tourists attempt to climb on top of it. Is not all: at the onset of fog and rain, the top is closed because of slippery slopes and minimum visibility. Climbing, as a rule, two-day and must be accompanied by a guide.

"The abode of the dead" - since time immemorial the indigenous population calls the Holy and revered mount Kinabalu. According to legend, the peak - home of the departed ancestors, to appease their souls, a sacrifice is given to the life of chickens.