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Merdeka Square

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Square Merdeka means Independence square. This is a historic occasion for Malaysia's place and is a symbol of an independent country. In this square on August 31, 1957, raised the flag state, free from British colonization.

However, the most beautiful architectural image of the square - a legacy of the colonial past. It looks like a single ensemble, due to the fact that almost all buildings designed by Arthur Norman, a British architect, author of many historical buildings in Kuala Lumpur, which became attractions. This architect extremely harmoniously managed to combine traditional European and English styles, with Moorish, and Saracenic architectural elements of South-East Asia. An example of this is the arched colonnade of the first floor buildings of Merdeka square, which emphasize Oriental flavor of Victorian buildings.

With the exception of a 40-meter clock tower of the Sultan Abdul Samad, all houses are square - low. Towering behind them the skyscrapers of the modern capital emphasize the comfort of these old buildings.

Another reminder of the British past is turf in the Central part of the square - in the spirit of traditional English lawn Golf course. Until 1957 the area was used by members of the Royal cricket club, who were mainly British.

The area was rebuilt, equipped with fountains, and around the lawn planted trees and placed benches. Cricket club continued to operate and the building is one of the attractions of the area, just a place to play is now located a little further away. Among the other beautiful buildings stand out the Palace of Sultan Abdul Samad, the Main post office and city hall.

Landmark square-meter flagpole in the southern part. Since 1957, it develops the national flag of the state. There are parades in honor of independence Day, other national holidays. In those days, the area of overlap. Without traffic flow it looks even prettier: corner of old times in the city. In the evenings the area becomes a place of walks of townspeople and tourists. And the original lighting of the fountain makes her even more gorgeous surroundings.