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Menara Kuala Lumpur is the seventh for the height of telecommunications towers in the world and the highest observation deck of the capital of Malaysia. Popularity and recognition among the skyscrapers of Kuala Lumpur, she shares only with the Petronas twin towers. Menara is located in the center of town and soaring to 421 metres, is a beautiful landmark for residents and visitors.

Grandiose construction of the tower lasted almost five years. On the date of the opening, in 1996, at the height it occupied the fifth place, but over time lost ground to new buildings.

General construction of the KL tower is intended to symbolize the human desire for perfection. Its architectural style is a combination of classic motifs of Islamic architecture with elements of high-tech. An impressive dome made in the technique muqarna: cellular arch, typical of the Arabic buildings. In this case, it looks like a huge diamond.

The tower sits atop a high hill in the middle of the country's oldest forest reserve. This is another "green lungs" of the Central part of the city, where are preserved many exotic plants, tropical trees and some animals. In the reserve there is a small zoo, right at the foot of the tower. Because he can't compete in scale with the Park birds or deer, the organizers came up with another "flavor" - has turned this small living area in the exhibition of unusual animals. Here you can see a turtle with two heads, frogs-albino turtles albino, etc.

About careful attitude to the nature of the evidence an age-old tree caught in the construction zone. Of course, it is not cut down, and created around it a retaining wall, there is a platform with a railing. It took a lot of time and money, but now this tree is part of the architectural ensemble of the tower and its landmark.

The observation deck tower located at an altitude of 276 metres - almost a hundred meters above the platform of the Petronas twin towers. Accessible by high-speed Elevator or, breaking the two thousand stairs. It offers the most stunning views of Kuala Lumpur. The day in clear weather, the visibility reaches 50 meters, in the evening you can admire the lights of the center. Six feet above, there is another observation deck at the restaurant.

The Menara KL tower is also called the "garden of the world" - for a great evening illumination in all colours.