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Planetarium Negara

Photos and description

Planetarium Negara is a tourist attraction Lake Park of Kuala Lumpur and a major educational center. It is located on a high hill and is visible from almost all points of the capital.

At the national planetarium are a fun Park, ancient Observatory, a small copy of Stonehenge and sundials. As well as the office of the National space Agency. The planetarium is very beautiful stairs framed by dense green trees, flowing over its sides of the water cascade.

The building of the planetarium resembles a mosque, thanks to the spherical roof is a bright blue color. And its main entrance decorated in the image space of the portal. It leads to a number of galleries and halls with static and interactive displays. You can see the layout of the satellite, recreated the interior of the orbital space station. There is a robot Rover that moves along the layout of the red planet. As a guide, too, is a robot, which will hold throughout the planetarium. In the space theater, on the hemispherical screen in the course of the day shows documentaries, space science show, and even the blockbuster space subjects.

The planetarium opened in 1993 and became the personification of the state principle of the creation of free educational and developmental environment for children. For example, in the planetarium there is a hall of chemical Sciences where you can study them entertaining ways. The periodic table is designed in the form of a huge wire mesh rack, in the cells are the objects of the surrounding life, the relevant chemical elements: fluorine - toothpaste, chlorine bleach, etc. There is a game with food on the same principle: choose a chemical element - marked food, where it a lot. Potassium bananas, calcium milk glass, etc.

In the hall of the physics, the visuals more interesting. It is possible to study radio waves to conduct experiments with lightning. Therefore, in the planetarium so many students, some even do lessons. Fortunately the entrance is free. The planetarium is a great place to experience the structure of the Universe, history of space exploration, astronomy and other natural Sciences.

And its Observatory, located on top of the roof, you can admire the Lake Park and views of the capital.