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Butterfly farm

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Butterfly farm - a picturesque place in the vicinity of the small fishing villages in the North-Western part of Penang island. If the snake temple of Penang will not each butterfly farm, with its graceful, light and fluttering creatures, is for visitors to the island a real magnet. This small, eight acres, but the beautifully decorated grounds featuring ponds with clear water and exotic fish, man-made waterfalls, pergolas. But the main attraction is the variety of colors of a butterfly. They are not afraid of people, fly around, sit on clothes and hands. Raising a hand to eyes, it is possible in detail to consider an outlandish guest.

The farm opened by the famous entomologist David Goch in 1986. Scientists are engaged in the preservation and enhancement of some species of butterflies in Penang. On the farm they built a huge aviary with an area of one hectare. The exact number of its inhabitants is impossible to calculate, but the average exceeds five thousand. And species diversity goes beyond a hundred. Geltokia and Rajah Brooke - the names of the two rare butterflies that occur on the farm.

The farm is, in fact, a tropical garden. In addition to the cage with the butterflies, there are other insects, Scorpions, tarantulas, centipedes, etc. as well As reptiles and many birds. In total more than 120 species.

Very beautiful garden stones, and in the orchard are over 250 species of fruit-bearing trees. You should pay attention to West Indian cherry and durian. The latter is known for its fruits, which taste nothing can compare even the experts. In this garden you can try not only the fruit, but also fresh juices from them.

Butterfly farm in Penang has a great reputation in this area and claims to be the largest in the world. For tourists it is a place where there is something to watch and admire.