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Lake of the pregnant maiden

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Lake of the pregnant maiden is located on one of the small Islands of the archipelago South of the island of Langkawi. This islet Tasik Dayang Bunting is very popular not only because of the intriguing name of the lake. The origin of this spotlessly clean freshwater lake in the middle of the ocean of salt water - an interesting geological phenomenon.

Several thousand years ago the lake was not. In its place stood a mountain, inside soft, hard on the outside, that is, rock layers consisted of different geological rocks. The result of the tireless ocean surf softer inner rock washed away. First, the cave was formed, then it is the dome that is the top of the mountains, failed. The collapsed arch blocked message with the ocean. Educated natural pit eventually filled with rainwater.

The lake is located in the national Park. The surrounding forested hills resemble the shape of a pregnant woman, which lies on the back to confirm the name. In fact, the name of the lake comes from the many legends and superstitions. The most popular legend tells of a fabulous Princess who chose her husband, of course, also Prince. The will of the gods, their firstborn died, and inconsolable grief, the mother gave the child's body the water of the lake, thereby sanctify it. Interpretations of the legends of unbelievable variety. The meaning is the same: a barren woman, after bathing in the waters of the lake, becoming a mother.

In addition to legends about the Princess, there is also an ancient belief of the Malays living in white lake, the crocodile, is also the giver of hope for motherhood. The crocodile, of course not, otherwise there would be so many willing to plunge into the lake. But there are plenty of small catfish. In any case, the locals consider the lake a mystical place. On pilgrimage come here childless spouses from around the world.