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The Temple Fu Ling Kong

Photos and description

Temple Fu Lin Kong is situated at the foot of the hill in the village of Sungai Pinang besar, Pangkor island. Considered the most popular Chinese temple not only on the island but throughout the state of Perak.

Ethnic Chinese in Malaysia make up nearly a third of the population and Pangkor Chinese Diaspora pleased with many. Most of them are followers of Taoism, Chinese traditional doctrine that combines religion and philosophy. Taoist temple Fu Lin Kong surviving on the island since ancient times is the center of the supporters of this teaching of Lao-Tzu.

Fu Lin Kong meets all the standards of Chinese temples with stone lions guarding the inner area, with the figures of dragons on the curved roof, with drums and bells, etc. inside the temple looks very original. It's located in small but very beautiful Park, which stretches up the hillside. And the Church is filled with very unusual for religious buildings objects. This painting on stones with images of animals and Chinese characters, interesting shapes, including a huge fish. The special attraction of the inner zone - a miniature copy of the great wall, and the stones of which is composed the layout,this is also a replica of the stone blocks of the original. On the territory there are two small ponds, one for making wishes, the second is a lot of small turtles - the Chinese symbol of longevity.

From afar, amid the wooded hills, the temple in vivid colors looks like a picturesque backdrop. Ideal for photos. The same image on the gift cards you can buy from the stalls nearby.

Behind the temple there are stairs to climb to the top of the hill. It's pretty steep, but hikers are rewarded with a panorama of the island to the fishing village and the sea.