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Telaga Tujuh

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Telaga Tujuh, the famous waterfall of the island of Langkawi, has several names: "Seven wells", "Seven rapids" or "Seven streams". They all fit to this creation of nature, fascinating for its unusual beauty.

The water falls from a height of 90 meters is not a single stream, and divides into seven streams together is similar to a fabulous women's strands of hair. This led to the creation of the legend of the nymphs who lived in this place and once lapped in the jets of your hair. After attempts of a Prince to catch one of them, all the fairies to become invisible. Streams of water falling from such a height, are seven ledges, hence the name "Seven rapids". At the bottom of these streams form many lakes, which gave the waterfall the third name - "Seven wells". The natives of the island claim that the seven wells was also a favorite bathing place of fairies. Coming from all directions impenetrable tropical forests emphasize the mysterious singularity of the waterfall, makes you believe all the legends about him.

Rise to the top may not seem a cakewalk, and will take approximately 45 minutes. But the beauty of the legendary waterfall is worth it. For upgrade path equipped with steps, railings, benches. At the bottom of the waterfall visitors can take a natural bath with Jacuzzi effect - due to the falling in of a stream of water. During the ascent almost guaranteed a meeting with representatives of the animal world. It can be hornbills, giant squirrels and the ubiquitous macaques. The most impressive waterfall looks like in the rainy season at the time of the maximum affluent.

Upstairs is a small observation platform in the form of a suspended bridge with a glass floor. For convenience of inspection all the conditions, including arbors for rest and review.

Polished by water over the years the stone slope, if desired, to roll in its flow, like the water Park. The lake at the bottom of the flow would take in his arms.

The waterfall is very famous and visited. Many tourists are confident in the healing properties of the water of the seven lakes.