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Masjid Zahir

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Masjid Zahir is one of the most remarkable architectural sights of the Federal state of Kedah, and is included in the list of the ten most beautiful mosques in the world. The mosque is located in the state capital, ALOR Setar, one of the oldest cities in the region.

Masjid Zahir was built in 1912. The official opening of the mosque took place in October 1915, the ceremony was led by Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah. The building was built on the site of the cemetery where were buried the soldiers who died in battle with the invaders from Siam in 1821, when the latter attempted to seize the Shoes. The architectural style of the mosque is the only one of its kind, the prototype of the mosque is the mosque Azizi, North Sumatra, Indonesia, but the mosque Zahir exceeds the size of the azizie mosque.

The building of the mosque is a large square on which stands the building, more than 11.5 sq. m. At each corner of the mosque is the minaret, all five of them - 4 small and one that is inside, the biggest. Decorate the mosque with five domes (4 small on the minarets and 1 large), which symbolize the five basic principles of Islam. The mosque can accommodate about 5000 people. Behind the mosque is a building which sits in a Sharia court, and a kindergarten.

Every year, the mosque is the state competition of reading the Quran. This festival of reciters of the Quran attracts huge number of tourists.