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The Anglican Cathedral. Mary

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The Anglican Cathedral. Mary - a fine example of British Gothic, each stroke of which is reminiscent of a typical old Church of England.

It is located in the far Northern part of the Independence square or Merdeka square, is one of the oldest Anglican churches in Malaysia.

The first building of the Church. Mary was wooden, it was built in 1887 on top of a hill of Bukit Aman. There is now the headquarters of the Royal police. For small Anglican community of the time was enough of a modest premise. With the increasing British presence in Malaysia, the question arose of building a new Cathedral. Funds for it were collected by all the European society of Kuala Lumpur, even members of other faiths. In early February of 1894, the Anglican Bishop of West Malaysia was consecrated the first stone, laid by the British Governor. Selected Church Committee has announced a competition to design the Cathedral. Ultimately, the approval of the design, proposed by a government architect A. C. Norman based on early English Gothic architecture.

Stone building of the Church consists of a nave that can accommodate about 180 parishioners. Octagonal altar covers an area of over 60 square meters, the room is fit for a choir of 20 people. In the mid-twentieth century the Cathedral was still dilated: it was attached to the hall anniversaries, offices for the Ministers of the Cathedral and living quarters for them.

The Church was opened in 1895, nine years later it established the organ, made by the famous Henry Willis, a British organist and Creator of these tools. This priceless body has suffered badly during the floods of 1925 - 1926 years. It was restored James Riddell, presumably a disciple of the dynasty of Henry Willis and sons. After world war II this master once again had to recover the body.

In former times this beautiful Church, decorated with stained glass Windows and columns, every Sunday hosted a lot of members are Europeans. Today, there are traditional Sunday mass for now a small Anglican diocese.