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The Mahsuri Mausoleum

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The Mahsuri mausoleum embodies the beautiful legend of Langkawi island, which is mythologically explains the difficult fate of the island.

This famous legend tells of the young beauty, the Princess Mahsuri. The island's residents, perhaps out of jealousy for her beauty and family happiness, innocent accused the Princess of adultery. The sentence was harsh - the death penalty. No less cruel was its execution: the beauty plunged a dagger into the heart. Already with a dagger in his chest, loving countrymen, the girl cursed the island for seven future generations of its inhabitants. From the breast of a dying blood came out white, proof of her innocence. And struck the island, a lot of troubles. The reason for them was the aggressive plans of the neighbouring States of Siam, which is intended to capture the island or rather an archipelago of Islands in the Malacca Strait, destroying the population. In the battles killed and the main enemy of the Princess, defamed her.

The power of the curse acted exactly two hundred years, until 31 December 1986. And from January 1 next year the island was declared a free economic zone of Malaysia. After years of disasters life on the island has improved, and he became one of the best Asian resorts with beautiful nature and rich underwater world. The famous white sand beaches of the island is a symbol of the murdered of an innocent girl. On the beach of Pasir Hitam black sand of volcanic origin. This, too, this mythological explanation is that he was black because of the curse Princess.

On the burial place of Princess Mahsuri tomb erected. It is surrounded by a whole complex. In the Museum of the Princess exhibited the dagger that stabbed her, some of her jewelry. The whole mausoleum is built of white marble, a sign of innocence. The surrounding garden is the well, according to residents, it dug itself Mahsuri. The truthfulness of the words confirms the antiquity of the well, and that even in a drought it always filled with water. Claim that those who wash their water from a well, waiting for happiness.

Because the mausoleum is a favorite tourist destination, features gift shop, restaurant and even a small theater.