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Clock tower of Victoria is near the port of Georgetown, as a kind of hallmark of the city and Penang island. Georgetown is a historic city, one of the few fully included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. With him, the Europeans began to explore Malaysia. Now it is the city's record number of colonial buildings - palaces, religious buildings, mansions. The first building of the British on the island was the Fort Cornwallis. It was built in 1786 to protect against pirate attacks of Siam and Burma. A century later, near the Fort appeared the clock tower.

Its construction in 1897 and began one of the rich Chinese community of George town Chi Chan yok. This local Chinese millionaire dedicated future tower the jubilee of the British Queen Victoria. Height to sixty feet (18 meters) symbolized the number of years anniversary Regal. To completion, in 1902, the Queen did not survive.

The tower was built in the fashion in the late nineteenth century the Moorish style with beautiful wall carvings, curved columns and semi-columns, decorated with friezes, intricate cornices and other elements of North African architecture.

During the Japanese bombing of the city during the Second world war, the clock tower is slightly tilted from the blast, but survived. Tilt is not too obvious, the whole building looks elegant complement to the Esplanade and Fort Cornwallis. Clock tower, Victoria stands in the ring road junction, which allows to see it from all sides.

The clock tower is operating, they chime informs citizens and tourists the exact time.