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Penang Hill

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Penang hill is located in the centre of the island, and six kilometres from George town. It is a granite massif, whose highest peak rises above sea level to almost 830 metres, others reach 700 meters. This mountain range cut by streams and rivers, the biggest of them named after mountains and Islands. Small waterfalls, scenic spots, and the relative coolness made the mountain range a favorite vacation spot since British colonization. In the XVIII century on the hill began to build a Bungalow for Europeans fleeing at the height of the Asian sweltering heat and mosquitoes. Later opened a hotel, post office and even a police station. Currently, the oldest preserved at mount Penang construction dates back to 1789.

Initially, the peak of the mountain range can be reached only on horseback or on foot. The British actively used palanquins. At the end of the nineteenth century the question arose about the railroad. After several unsuccessful attempts, the cable car was built in late 1923. Now this mountain railway is a tourist attraction of Penang hill. It regularly works to the present day. All of the reconstruction of the railway were of a purely technical nature, while maintaining the original appearance. One of the old cabins now installed as a monument, and a new high-speed transport visitors to the top in 12 minutes.

The appearance of cable car caused an increase in housing development. The massif has become a prestigious residential area for the British and the wealthy. And today, of the fifty buildings, forty are private lands. Besides them, on top of the mountain there is a small Botanical garden, a mosque, a Hindu temple, a very interesting Museum, owls, and a restaurant with a beautiful terrace overlooking Georgetown.

Yet it is the most touristic place of the city is famous as the habitat of over a hundred species of birds - from the common to the rare tropical.

Come here for walks, picnics, to the observation deck with panoramic views of the city, the whole island, and a beautiful view of both bridges to the mainland.