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The Temple Of KEK Lok Si

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Buddhist temple KEK Lok si rather be called a temple complex, the largest and most beautiful in the whole of Southeast Asia. It is located on several hills of the southern slope of Bukit Bendera. Another of his name - the Temple of Supreme Bliss. The little town of Ayer ITAM in the centre of Penang island is known thanks to it beautiful structure.

The construction of the temple began in 1890, when enjoyed in a large number were Chinese immigrants. The inspiration was a Buddhist monk. In the late XIX - early XX century have founded the main pagoda, on the sides of it built the Hall of vows, prayer halls and Tower of the sacred books. Seven floors of the main temple was erected by 1930. On this construction it is particularly noticeable the main feature of the complex is a mixture of all the architectural styles of Asia, from Thai to Burmese. The base of the pagoda is made in the style of traditional Chinese temple architecture, mid - Thai architectural style, and the top - in typical Burmese. The main pagoda was given the name of Ten thousand Buddhas and became a hallmark of KEK Lok si.

The temple complex seems perfect, however, he continued to improve and build up. So, in 2002 came the 36-meter statue of the Goddess of Mercy. After four years on this huge statue built such a huge gazebo.

The temple is active and praying there is always a lot. In addition to prayer halls, in front of the temple also has a large area for prayers. Almost all Chinese temples there is a small pond with turtles. The same pond is decorated with a landscape of KEK Lok si. The Chinese turtle - symbol of longevity and wisdom. Tourists pokorilsya turtles in the pond, add yourself a few years of life.

The number of Buddhas is not amenable to conversion, but it is obvious that there are so many and they are brought from all over the world. Many internal halls and facilities share the painted walls, ceilings and even the walls are decorated with thousands of Chinese lanterns.

The temple is surrounded by tropical gardens and looks incredibly picturesque slopes of the mountain. The unusual combination of architecture, the bright colors and rich finish create a festive atmosphere. So it is the most popular place of walks for visitors and residents of Georgetown.