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The Royal police Museum

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The Royal police Museum located in the cluster of the Metropolitan attractions near the Park of birds and planetarium. By name it seems that the Museum is quite narrow focus, but it will be interesting to anyone who wants to learn more about the history of Malaysia and its state. As well as all representatives of the stronger sex. Because the Museum is a technique and a weapon. And if dad and son, on the way to the bird Park, go to the Museum, most likely, what about the birds they will forget.

This is a typical Malay structure consists of three galleries, named in the military clearly: A, b and C.

Gallery And is the history of Malaysian police from pre-colonial times to the present day. Presents documents, photographs, equipment, means of communication. On mannequins demonstrates a police uniform. Interestingly, the police is a lot of Muslim women, and them developed a form corresponding to the religious requirements. Also collected all the weapons that was used by servants of the order of different periods - from guns to very valuable asymmetric daggers.

Gallery shows exhibits, which the police confiscated at various times from groups of all stripes - from the overtly criminal to the political. In the collection of weapon that was used by the clans during armed robberies in the seventies of the XX century, and objects for various purposes, seized from triad remedies against secret political societies. The gallery has a large Arsenal "confiscated" seized in the course of the struggle with the Communists. Among them come across very interesting things. For example, an ordinary handkerchief, one of those that in the fifties of the last century was spread by the Communists. If it is folded at certain angles, is frankly pornographic picture.

Exhibition of large equipment is located in the courtyard of the Museum. Among the exhibits: a marine police boat, a police officer single-engine Cessna airplane, armored vehicle for patrolling on the railway etc.

In established in 1961, the Museum contains thousands of interesting exhibits. Of course, there are sections of the Museum, of interest only to police officers and members of their families: ratings, awards and lists of recipients, various achievements, including sports. But overall this is a very informative place.