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The tropical spice garden

Photos and description

The tropical spice garden is located on the Northern coast of Penang island, near the town of Teluk bahang, and the entrance to the national Park.

Once an abandoned rubber plantation, the efforts of the couple Wilkinson turned into an exotic spice garden. Rubber trees left for shade and cubbies. The Park is small, occupies eight acres of land in the lovely valley between the hills.

The spice garden there is a recently - since 2003, but it quickly became evident that the British Rebecca and David Wilkinson was in the trend of eco-tourism.

A variety of exotic plants and 500 different species, and from different ecosystems, a three tour routes.

Trail of spices with emphasis on herbs and spices, it is surprising not only flavors, but also interesting stories of origin and usage. You can purchase a brochure and explore the garden on their own, but it is better to listen to the tour guide, who said a lot of the unknown about the known spices. One of the stops of the route are decorated with stone mortar filled with a variety of spices: vanilla, ginger, cinnamon, various peppers. The air around them is extremely saturated with odors. And if you count the cost of these spices, used as decoration of the excursion, leaves a fortune.

The second trail is a vast collection of exotic flora. It is less informative, more decorative, it is possible to walk without a guide. Next door there is a small waterfall, through which were in the garden pond of giant water lilies give it an outlandish look. In the garden do a lot of small waterfalls.

The third trail, the jungle is a thicket of ferns, palms, wild orchids and other flora. During the tour you stop in the bamboo garden for tea.

On the territory there is a Museum of spices and herbs, as well as a shop where you can purchase cinnamon, aromatic oils, soap, etc.

Tips for tourists: at the entrance all sprayed with mosquito repellent, but for reliability it is better to take. And shoes provide given the hilly terrain.