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Kali Amman Temple

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Kali Amman temple is the only Hindu temple in Pangkor island. The influence of Indian culture in the country is quite large, and Hindu temples are visited places in all States. Although the main migration of Indians to Malaysia dates back to the XIX - beginning of XX century, the history of the Tamil community on the Peninsula is rooted in the prehistoric era. The oldest Hindu temple was built in 1781.

In Malaysia only two of the temple with the goddess Kali at the entrance, one on Penang island, the second - temple Sri Pathira Kali Amman on Pangkor. In Hinduism Kali is the goddess that presides life from conception to death. In the sacred Vedas, her name is associated with the God of fire.

Kali Amman temple different from other religious institutions of Hinduism external simplicity. The overall architectural style it is close to minimalism, a high tower decorated with figures of all the deities, consistent with the traditions. The interior is more typical, with various statues of deities of Indian masters and sacred relics. The temple is located on the coast, its low stairs down to the sea. It is also responsible religious rules, according to which believers must purify themselves before entering the temple.

Some rules apply to tourists to enter the temple hall they are asked without shoes and conservative clothing.

For the Indian Diaspora of the island is a very important place where you can not only worship the deities. Temple unites the community, promotes calm and harmony of its members. For tourists it is open as a Museum where you can learn about Hinduism and Indian culture. Also, the Church held the annual holidays of Thaipusam and Kaliamman.