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Snake temple was originally named the "Temple of the azure sky" in honor of the beautiful sky over the island of Penang, where it is located. This low-key Taoist temple is considered to be the world's only shelter for hundreds of reptiles. Due to this specificity it got its name.

Externally, the snake temple is a typical religious building - the variety of bright colors, dragons on the curved roof. To what is inside, we must be prepared: fill the temple incense incense smoke and many snakes. They are everywhere - top and bottom, on the floor and on the roof, on the trees and finally in the sacrificial vessels. It is considered that the snakes are safe from exposure to the sacred incense. Most of the temple snakes are species active during the night. During the day they are lethargic and apathetic. For more confidence in the safety of the visitors they collect the poison.

The temple is ancient, it appeared in 1850 in memory of the hermit monk Chor Soo Kong. This hero of local legends and stories was born in China during the song dynasty - in the late I - early II centuries. He has completely devoted his life to the faith and self-improvement, for which he received Holy orders, even as a young man. According to the legend, he also healed people from various diseases and was the patron of the reptilian inhabitants of the jungle. After his death at the age of 65 years received a decent name of Chor Soo. It is famous person, revered by subsequent generations. In the dwelling of the spiritual elder, the snake feel at home. After his death, continued to live in the place his home for centuries. When the Church was built around, they apparently considered it his abode. And the birthday of Chor Soo Kong here creep unprecedented number of reptiles, literally filling the entire space of the temple. It is the stories of the priests in the temple. According to the skeptics, snakes are caught and brought here by the monks themselves.

It is interesting the fact that it is not known exactly, removed the poisonous teeth of the inhabitants of the temple or not, but the fact that history within its walls there are no victims, that's a fact. However, in the temple hung signs asking you not to touch inhabitants.