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The Fort Of Kuala Kedah

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The Fort of Kuala Kedah, the main architectural and historical landmark of the city of ALOR Setar. Built in the early XVII century, during the Portuguese colonization of the Malay Peninsula. At that time, it served as an Outpost for the defense of the marine incursions from the Siamese. Strategic location ensured a long life to this fortification, and during the struggle with the sultans by the Portuguese, and later the civil war between relatives for the Sultanate. After the capture of the fortress in 1771, the next Governor Mukarram Shah ordered to strengthen, virtually re-built of stone and brick in Kuala Kedah. Almost as such, the building today is open for tourists.

The double name of the fortress, due to its geographical location. "Kuala" means the river and the second part is the name of the village fishermen. The Fort is located on the right Bank of Sungai Kedah, rivers of Kedah, near the fishing village today is famous for fresh fish and dishes from it.

The scheme of construction identical to the conventional European projects: fortress walls, a moat and cannons around the perimeter. Architecturally, it is reminiscent of another fortress, built by the British on the island of Penang - Fort Cornwallis. During the construction of the Fort was primarily used improvised materials. This land, the trunks of trees. And of course bamboo, which, although it is a grass, it has an iron strength.

The Fort has a Museum, surrounded by a garden with a small exhibition of contemporary exhibits. The brick walls of the Fort with the metal guns look very old. Despite the fact that along the river like sentinels guarding the local fishermen with a fishing line. In places where the walls of the Fort destroyed, it is very appropriate wooden benches for rest, complement the atmosphere of antiquity and harmony.