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The Building Of Sultan Abdul Samad

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The building of Sultan Abdul Samad, in fact, is a luxurious Palace, the most recognizable building and the main decoration of Independence square, the most visited attraction in Kuala Lumpur.

The Governor of the province of Selangor Sultan Abdul Samad вXVIII century laid the foundations of the state. He owns a historic decision to give Malaysia under the protectorate of Britain, to preserve the state in conditions of ongoing civil war and attacks by sea pirates in neighboring countries. For the technically backward countries it formed the basis of development in all areas, including in urban planning.

The majestic building was built three years after the project by A. Norman, the author of many original buildings in the Malaysian capital. The Palace's architectural style have combined two very different architectural styles - Victorian and Moorish. English monumentality combined with Eastern luxury made the building unique. A forty meter high clock tower in the center of it referred to as Malaysian big Ben. In the late XIX century Palace with a façade length of 137 metres, was the largest brick building in Kuala Lumpur. And its lateral towers-minarets with exterior spiral staircases, copper domes, horseshoe arches, lace decorative elements gave him the charm of the Palace of Oriental tales.

In 1897 the building was completed. The Palace was named after Sultan Abdul Samad, but it housed the British colonial administration. Later there were the judicial authorities of Malaysia - the Federal court of appeal and Supreme. Now in this cultural sights, quite rightly, is the Ministry of culture.

The Palace is significant for the country not only for its unique beauty. It is here that 31 August 1957 was lowered the flag of great Britain and proclaimed the independence of Malaysia. On this day every year in front of the Palace is the independence day which the country is called National day. Here are new year's event.

Special delight guests of the capital causes a visit to this place at dusk. In the evening around the perimeter are illuminated, which increases its resemblance to a fairytale Palace.