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The Catholic Cathedral. John

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The Catholic Cathedral.John is near Bukit Nanas, a reserve Park of Kuala Lumpur. The building of the Cathedral in neo-Gothic style was built in the middle of the last century. But the history of the Church is calculated from 1883. There was built a simple wooden building for the branch. And on the 11th of August it held its first baptism. Later the wooden structure was replaced by a brick building in neo-classical style with a handsome portico. There was even a body that is lost during the construction of the third, the modern version of the Church. It was officially opened in January 1955, and seven years later received the status of Cathedral.

Today, this white Cathedral with two stylish towers is the seat of the Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Kuala Lumpur.

Catholicism emerged in Malaysia after the founding of Portuguese colonies in the middle of the XVI century. When a century later, the Sultanate became a colony of the Netherlands, the interests of Christian missionaries moved to the aborigines, Vietnamese and Chinese. At the end of the XIX century, during the mass emigration of the Chinese, among whom were Catholics, the number of followers the Catholic Church has grown to several hundred thousand. In modern Malaysia, the number of Catholics is around 800 thousand inhabitants of the country is slightly more than three percent of the population.

The Cathedral is always filled with parishioners, Sunday mass gathers a very large number of believers. Those who did not get into the Cathedral, you can admire it from the outside, where trimmed trees accentuate the white color of the spires. Near the gate there is a small altar where you can light candles.

The interior of the Cathedral in harmony with the external appearance: the white walls and high ceilings create a feeling of coolness, so valued in the tropics. This feeling is supported through the work of the industrial air conditioning of the temple.