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Lake Park

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Lake Park is known not only as a place of rest from the hustle and bustle of Kuala Lumpur, but as a territory of big sightseeing opportunities. In the East of the city it occupies an area of about one hundred hectares.

"Green lungs" of the city appeared during the colonial era, with the assistance of the British administration. At the end of XIX century it was a place of walks and rest. Gradually the Park filled with museums, both natural and historical.

Today it houses the Islamic Museum, national planetarium, Orchid Garden and hibiscus, deer Park and bird Park, and even a Museum of the Royal police. As well as the butterfly Park and Asian garden sculptures. Each Museum is beautiful, informative and, in its way, unique. I don't think that all of them can be explored in a day or two. Usually tourists combine leisure Park in the lake district with a visit to one of these attractions.

The center of the Park is the famous lake, around which it was created. Here you can go boating, Canoeing, water bicycles. There are opportunities for horse riding, Hiking. In short, it is a place of relaxation in the middle of the metropolis. In addition to the large lake, there are two artificial, all of this is surrounded by lush green vegetation, manicured lawns, sculptures and comfortable benches. The main lake is very large, walking around it require a lot of time and physical endurance. But the experience is worth it. In the surrounding Park you can see hundreds of species rich Malaysian flora. Laid special routes through the bridges, between the gardens and the lawns. There are many playgrounds with slides, roundabouts and swings.

The Park is so huge that even the influx of tourists during the weekend does not make it crowded or crowded. Dense vegetation absorbs sounds, and numerous green corners create the illusion of privacy.