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City Hall Of Penang

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City hall of Penang is one of those beautiful buildings, thanks to which the island of Penang has a rank of architectural gems of Malaysia. In the urban face of George town reflect over 170 years of British presence, as well as Chinese, Indian and local motives. Their combination, rather, a mixture, and is a unique brand of island.

The town's seafront, the Esplanade is a parade of colonial government buildings of the XIX century. Among them stands out the white facade of the majestic city Hall, built a little later, in the beginning of the last century. The Edwardian house perfectly fit into the series of Victorian townhouses that serve as a reminder of the colonial past of the city.

The town hall was built in 1903 as a municipality that has collected on the roof of the office premises of the Penang officials. She became the first building, which had electric lighting. In 1957, Georgetown was awarded the status of the town and the town Hall - status of the municipality. Since 1976, the building is the Municipal Council of Penang island. In the Hall there are dozens of offices, departments, councils and other bureaucratic structures in Penang.

High narrow arches, with a typically English crate, white columns - all in this two story building is reminiscent of the strong British influence in the island's architecture. At the time, the cost of construction of the town Hall was estimated at one hundred thousand dollars. However, after nearly a hundred years of operation, the building required repair. Fortunately, in 1999 on the island began shooting the famous movie "Anna and the king". Some scenes were filmed directly in front of the town Hall. So it was repaired, and is now known attraction of the island appears in all its glory.

Although it is a formal structure, admission is free and sightseers in the town Hall - are frequent visitors.