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Archaeological Museum in the valley Bujang

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Bujang valley, or the Lembah Bujang, is a huge historical complex, whose territory comprises of 224 sq. km. the Valley is located near the small town of Merbok the Federal state of Kedah. More precise location between the mountain Jerai, which is located on the North side, and river Muda, which flows from the South.

Bujang valley is the richest archaeological area in Malaysia. The archaeological material that was found on the territory of the valley indicates that this place was Hindu-Buddhist Empire of Srivijaya. In Sanskrit, the ancient literary language of India, the term "bhujanga" is associated with the snake, so one of the translations of the name of the valley - "valley of snakes".

In the valley were discovered during the excavations the ruins, more than 2000 years old, among them, nearly 50 Hindu and Buddhist temples, "Kandy". In the valley Archaeological Museum is open Lembach Bujang, which was the first archaeological Museum in Malaysia. All the relics found during the excavations can be seen in this Museum.

The Museum's collection can be divided into two parts, the first holds the archaeological artifacts that are proof that the valley Lembach Bujang was a major trading center for Chinese, Indian and Arab traders, and the second part of the collection will talk about the architecture, culture and religion of the time. Among the collection there are stone treasures, and boards, and metal tools, jewelry, ceramics, clay, glass, Hindu symbols.