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Museum of the art of batik

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Museum of the art of batik is one of the most atmospheric places of Georgetown. Opened in 2013 to showcase the history and the present day, this brand of Malaysia.

Two types of art in Malaysia today are the world's highest level batik and ceramics. Once the skill of batik Malaysians have learned from the Indonesians. But brought so much of his that was soon overtaken by Indonesia. And today to the master classes to Malaysian experts come from all over the world. Batik in Malaysia is more bright, rich and saturated colors.

In the twenties of the last century in the country for the first time used the techniques of stamping, even after ten years began to use screen printing. The production of batik quickly began to gain momentum, and in 1973 on the island of Penang opened the batik factory. Today it is a going concern, located near the Botanical garden, is a landmark host to the tour.

Not surprisingly, the Museum was opened in Georgetown. Surprisingly different: the initiator of its opening was none other than doctor of medicine, obstetrician-gynecologist. This philanthropist tan Chong Guan's whole life was interested in batik art, has assembled an impressive collection of works by local and international artists. Okay hobby, he even became a disciple of one of the founders of the Malaysian art of batik world renowned master Dan. Then the student became a fan and patron wizard. Bought the building the store and in three years has transformed it into a Museum.

The first and only Museum of the art of batik is a three-story mansion in eclectic style in Armenian street. The walls are decorated with more than 80 paintings from a batik works of all famous artists of Malaysia. Presented their works from the earliest to have received the fame and recognition. And media of these works is also the most diverse, in addition to traditional textiles, there is even a rice paper and silk twills.

Rich colors of the paintings, a well-chosen lighting - all this creates an atmosphere of sophistication. In addition to Malaysian artists, there is a small exhibition of Asian artists from China, Thailand, Indonesia.