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The state Museum of Kedah

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Museum of the state of Kedah - a beautiful building ALOR Setar, white and pink colors, with high graceful columns adorning the entrance . The building was built in 1936 under the influence of the styles of Thai Palace architecture.

In this building, the state Museum was moved in 1964 - seven years after the founding of the Museum's collection. Another dozen years lasted design works.

Today, the Museum center, accumulating data on Kedah, the Northern state of Malaysia. Archaeological excavations in the state confirm that it is the cradle of ancient Buddhist civilization. It was here that merchants from India first met with the local population. The main peak of Kedah, mountain Jerai from the fifth century served as a landmark to mariners. And the harbour of the island of Langkawi, Kuala Muda, since ancient times, took the merchants who travelled Eastern countries. All this tells the exposition.

For the Museum it contains a huge number of artifacts, telling about the long history of the state, its cultural and economic heritage. Here you can see the results of the excavations in the valley of Bujang, porcelain and ceramics of the antique times, other historical relics.

The exhibition features many testimonies vassal status of the Sultanate of Kedah in the VII-VIII centuries, when it was necessary to pay tribute to Sumatra. Shows a long history of being under the authority of Siam, the revival of Malacca, the Portuguese, and then British colonization. The hard years of the Japanese occupation. Turning to the state of the Federation of Malaya.

A separate section is devoted to the history of the family of Sultan Kedah.

Today the state is not only agriculture that feeds the entire country with rice. In Kedah, particularly in the capital actively develops new business and industry. Langkawi island has long become an international tourist destination. So a visit to the Museum is particularly interesting - it illustrates the whole evolution of this state.