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The Goddess Of Mercy Temple

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The Goddess of Mercy temple, the oldest Chinese temple on Penang island, is located in the heart of Chinatown, the oldest district of the capital of the state of Penang. The deity in feminine form, Guan Yin, saves from a variety of disasters helps everyone who asks her. The goddess of mercy is considered to be a healer, helper in childbirth, a Protectress of women, children, the patroness of sailors, artisans and merchants. This goddess is revered by almost all religions of China.

At the turn of XIX and XX centuries on the island, whole families began to move immigrants from southern China. As elsewhere in exile, the Chinese have not sought to assimilate with the local population. On the contrary, had preserved the traditions and religion, settled nearby, forming a whole Chinese quarters or Chinatowns. Almost immediately the settlers began to build temples, one of the first Kuan Ying Teng Temple of the Goddess of Mercy. The land for the Church was donated to the immigrants the British East India company.

In 1728 the Church was laid the first stone, it was dedicated to the virgin of Mercy. Built in 1801, the Church began to venerate the Goddess of Mercy. At first, the temple served not only for religious purposes, it met the members of the Chinese community.

Modern George town and built many more new and beautiful Chinese temples. But this is included in the world heritage list of UNESCO. To appreciate the beauty and significance of the temple, you need not to hurry and to look at him. The building is decorated with stone figures of lions and elaborately carved sculptures of dragons. In the structure created by the laws of Feng Shui, there are three sources of water: under the main altar of the goddess, to the right and around the temple. The water of all three wells has healing properties. To believe in the miraculous power of the Guan Yin, it is necessary to know the recent history of the island: the capture of Penang by the Japanese during the Second world war, the temple exploded, not a bomb.

The temple is impregnated with the aromas of sandalwood and incense, come to pray and ask for help from Guan Yin. Before a long swim there coming Chinese sailors. On certain dates in the Church unites all its fans. It is believed that in the nineteenth day of the three lunar months, the second, sixth and ninth, the goddess receives enlightenment. Pilgrims come to these days for her blessing. And in front of the temple are festive performances of Chinese Opera and puppet shows.