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Wat Chaiya Mangkalaram

Photos and description

Wat chaiya Mangkalaram is among the largest Buddhist temples in Penang. It is famous for the 33-meter statue of the reclining Buddha, the largest is in third place in the world. In the temple there is another Buddha statue in standing height, is also quite large. The soles and palms of both temple statues decorated with circular patterns, to read about the complete harmony of body and soul.

Reclining Buddha - a symbol of complete detachment from worldly vanity. Legend has it that this giant, made in color, the statue is here at least a thousand years. Decorated with gold leaf, draped in saffron clothes, prolegshego Buddha statue is a monument to the last moments of his life, which he spent in a relaxed resting position.

In 1845 Queen Victoria made a gift of the Thai community in Malaysia in the form of a plot of land of five acres in the hope of long - term friendly relations with Thailand. This land was founded Wat chaiya Mangkalaram. It was built from Thailand invited the architects. Therefore, the temple was in the typical manner of Thai architecture, with peaked roofs and unusually bright ceilings. Like any Thai religious buildings, its external appearance bright and lustrous, decorated with patterns, each of which is the result of hard work. Stone mythical serpents adorning the entrance to the temple, the Chinese dragon is at the gate. Their purpose is to prevent the sanctuary of unwanted visitors.

The monument is the resting Buddha surrounded by images detailing some aspects of his life. These three-dimensional gold figures are covered with manually colored paint. There are urns to store the ashes of the deceased from among the most worthy of fans of Buddha.

In addition to the pilgrims visiting the Shrine, the temple is always full of wanting to see the known dimensions of the monument. Opposite Wat chaiya Mangkalaram is another beautiful Buddhist temple, the oldest on the island.