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State art gallery was opened in July 1983. The gallery is located near the Central square in a beautiful building of colonial architecture in 1893, where once stood the court.

Among the collection of the Museum of Handicrafts, paintings and works of art that are very pride of the province and Sneakers are known worldwide. Among the exhibits - a replica of a traditional house of the province of Sneakers with the names of all parts of the house. Attract the attention of the guests the carving by local craftsmen and the style of window decorations in local homes. Also in the gallery you can see photographs and musical instruments, as well as the work of contemporary artists of Malaysia and Antiques.

In the art gallery hosts a variety of events where, for example, you can learn about Islamic calligraphy and interested in national costumes will be interested to hear about how worn the traditional headdress of Malaysia - destar, which, in most cases, associated with ceremonial events. The gallery offers a view headgear that are used for official state receptions. The gallery presents 17 hats, 4 of them - those that are designed for the Royal family. It is worth noting that the musicians of the Royal orchestra - nobita also have their own individual hats - destar, getung.

Gallery is easy to find, it is located near famous attractions - the Zahir mosque and Balai-the nobat, the crown of musical instruments.