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The Penang Museum and Art gallery

Photos and description

The Penang Museum and art gallery is a unified complex, which is considered one of the best museums in Malaysia. It was founded in 1821 and housed in a building built ten years earlier. In this beautiful colonial style house was previously first in the East English public school.

An extensive collection of exhibits telling about the history of the island since the days of the Sultanate to the Japanese genocide during the Second world war. The permanent exhibition includes photographs, maps, historical records, household items and luxury nationalities inhabiting the island.

In Penang, until recently, was dominated by the Chinese population, affecting all aspects of life on the island. Therefore, in the halls of the Museum so much space is devoted to the emergence and activities on the island are Chinese clans. Interesting to look at the opium bed, decorated with carved and decorated with mother of pearl, the rich household items and clothes made from expensive fabrics. Separately recreated the episode in 1867, when the opium war between the Chinese clans resulted in street riots. The British administration was able to cope with them only through sent from Singapore reinforcements.

In the exhibition you can also see the objects of everyday life and culture of Malays, Indians, complementing the overall picture of the history of the island.

The Museum displays national treasures of the country: the famous collection of Baba Nyonya porcelain, antique furniture, folk costumes and jewelry, oil-painted landscapes of the island and its surrounding Maritime spaces, vintage prints, cold gun. In the exposition even noticed the bust of Wilhelm II, German Kaiser. It was found in one of the schools of the island in a terrible state. No one could explain how he got the bust of the nineteenth century. After the restoration, he joined the exhibition of the Museum.

You should pay attention to the cast-iron statue of the Governor of Penang Francis light installed next to the Museum in honor of the 150th anniversary of the founding of Penang. Posed for the sculptor his illegitimate son, William light, a British officer, the future founder of Adelaide (South Australia).

Art gallery exhibits works by local artists and is a venue for thematic exhibitions.