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National Park Penang

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Penang national Park - a unique nature reserve that stretches in the North-West of the island. This forest reserve and in 2003 was renamed by setting the status of a National Park. The goal is to protect and preserve the original flora and fauna of the island. It is the smallest of all national parks in the world. The total area of land and sea, forming its territory, is 1213 hectares. However, the Park has several distinctive ecosystems that are not found in other nature reserves in the country. The territory remained part of the natural array of the jungle that once abundantly covered the island. Some samples of the natural environment are unique, which increases its importance as a national Park.

The natural landscape is incredibly diverse: hills, swamps, coral reefs, mangroves, coastal forest, muddy parts of the coast, rocky and sandy beaches eight. The latter serve as a place for egg laying sea turtles. This three main types of olive, green and hawksbill sea turtle. Except they live in the Park, or, more precisely, grow carnivorous plants.

On the territory peacefully coexist, green and blossom, 417 species of flora. They live, move, feed and reproduce 143 species of fauna. The Park is the only place where you can see leopards, mouse deer, long-tailed macaques, porcupine, etc. and, of course, the Park is home to a variety of insects, Scorpions, spiders, centipedes, etc.

To the unique ecological systems of the Park is a meromictic lake. It is unique in the separation of water into two different layers. Cool the top layer is fresh, it is fed by streams from the surrounding areas, the lower, salty layer of seasonal communicates with the sea, and is always in a warm state. They have a clear border of separation.

Unpaved trails in the Park in some places supplemented by the concrete transitions and steps to facilitate the tourists movement over rough terrain. Also for these purposes in a steep slope to a tree tied ropes. Inspection of the Park will take a day if you start early in the morning.