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Menara ALOR Setar

Photos and description

Tower ALOR Setar is a telecommunication tower located in downtown ALOR Setar. In Malay tower is called Menara ALOR Setar.

In addition to its telecommunications role, the tower of ALOR Setar is one of the greatest attractions of the city, which in the first place the tourists see. In addition, the tower is a symbol of how rapidly developing Federal state of Kedah.

The height of the tower - is 165.5 m tower ALOR Setar is the highest telecommunication tower in the world.

At the top of the tower is a restaurant "Seri ANGKASA". A feature of the restaurant is that the restaurant rotates, and visitors can enjoy the surrounding views. Overlooks not only the whole city of ALOR Setar, but as the palm - Butterworth. And on clear days you can even see Thailand in the distance. Restaurant specializiruetsya as refined local cuisine and international.

In the tower is an Observatory in which you are observing the Moon - when and in what phase it is to mark the beginning of the months of the Islamic calendar - Ramadan, Shawwal, Dhul-Hijjah, and, accordingly, to celebrate Ramadan (a month mandatory for Muslims of fasting), Eid al-Fitr (Feast of breaking the fast) and Eid al-Adha (festival of sacrifice). Observation platform of the Observatory located at an altitude of 88 metres. In order to get on this site, you need to buy a ticket.

In addition, in the tower there is a gift shop next to the observation deck of the Observatory, where there is the opportunity to buy a souvenir from the tower souvenir.