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Fort Cornwallis, the main attraction of the colonial part of Georgetown, located on the Eastern shore of the island of Penang. It was built in the late XVIII century in the very place where Francis light first landed on the island in 1786.

The story of its construction is very entertaining. To fasten on the island and protection from the pirates from the sea, the Fort was necessary to the British immediately. In the original version it was decided to build it from the palm trees. It simultaneously solves the problem of clearing the jungle for the construction site. However, manpower is not enough, and the locals were not eager to help. Francis light decided the question in an original way: a gun loaded with silver coins and fired into the jungle. Motivation was the strongest - the jungle was cleared in less than two months. In the early nineteenth century a wooden palisade and buildings overlaid with brick and stone, now with the help of the prisoners of the local prison. Name the Fort was named in honor of the Governor General of the East India company Charles Cornwallis, commander of the British forces in India.

Although the Fort was built as a military man, has never in its history it has not been used in this capacity. For the Brits living on the island, he became rather an administrative centre. And built on its territory the Christian chapel was attended by all the Europeans in Penang.

Currently, the Fort Cornwallis is a historic landmark. The moat surrounding the castle was filled in the twenties of the last century - in the fight against malaria. The Fort has retained some of the original buildings: a chapel, barracks, ammunition depots. Four-stenapa-old antique gun.

In the fortress there are the bronze cannon from which the first Governor of the island, Francis light sent natives "advance" for the construction of the first fortifications. The history of this gun is very entertaining. She first came to the British in the early seventeenth century as a gift from the Dutch, who owned the island part of the Sultanate of Johor. Later, in one of the encounters of the British with the Portuguese during the struggle for the "spice Islands", the gun fell to the last. The Portuguese took her to the island of Java, where it was soon captured by the pirates. Still later, with a pirate ship thrown into the sea in the heart of the Malaysian Islands, where it got ...the British. After all the adventures gun took place at Fort Cornwallis. Not surprisingly, knowing the incredible story of guns, the locals give her a wide variety of magical properties.

In the Fort there is a small but interesting Museum of the history of the Navy, souvenir shops and a small city Park. And the walls of the Bastion offers a memorable panorama of the Harbor of Georgetown.