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Masjid Negara means national mosque. In a country where over 60 per cent of the population profess Islam, she actually is the main spiritual center. Tourists the mosque is interesting in the first place, unusual architecture and original design. This nationwide symbol of Islam is located near the beautiful building of the old train station.

A plan to create a mosque-the symbol originated in 1957 - just after Malaysia gained independence. To call her like, in honor of the statesman, thanks to the efforts which the country was freed from the British protectorate without bloodshed. In the first government of an independent state, he became Prime Minister. But, at his suggestion, the mosque was named National. Its construction was completed in 1965.

A unique project of the mosque complex - the joint brainchild of Malaysian architects Hisham, Albakri and Baharuddin Kassim, to work they also attracted British architect Howard Ashley. In the intricate forms of the mosque intertwined styles of traditional Islamic architecture and modern motifs. Original ribbed roof of the building resembles a half-opened umbrella. In the original version, the roof was tiled in pink, in the future reconstruction it was replaced with a blue-green, more suitable Muslim colors. The minaret, despite the height of 73 metres, looks graceful architectural detail of the urban landscape. The most impressive part of the mosque is the main hall, richly decorated and adorned with massive light fixtures and beautiful stained glass Windows. Its capacity is over eight thousand people on Fridays includes a greater number of believers. The mosque is surrounded by gardens with fountains, white marble basins.

Until 1965, the main function of the mosque was carried out in Masjid Jamek, it operates to this day, you'll be minutes from Merdeka square. The entrance of non-Muslims is forbidden, one can see only territory. National mosque embodies a contemporary expression of traditional religion, is open to tourists. Of course, at certain times and in appropriate clothing. In any case, everyone can get acquainted with this magnificent piece of art Malaysia.