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The rice Museum

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The Museum of rice, the main food crops of Malaysia located in ALOR Setar, the capital of the state, which is called the rice granary of the country. The agricultural state of Kedah's beautiful countryside, the colors of which change according to time of ripening rice from bright green rice shoots to the Golden tones in the period of harvest. "Rice Cup" - often called Sneakers, so here is this Museum.

He is the only one in Malaysia and fourth in the world after a similar force in Germany, the Philippines and Japan. Appearance is more than unusual, and different from the usual architectural forms. The Museum is built in the form of bushels, laid on top of each other. Bushel's such containers for collection and transportation of rice, something resembling a Russian barrel. The theme of the figure is repeated in the design throughout the building - and the outside and inside of the gates, railings and fences.

It is a Museum dedicated to the industry of Malaysian rice. On three floors of exhibitions that reflect the whole process of its production. Exhibits used in the past tools for the treatment of rice fields, as well as modern machines. Main to attract the visitors, dominant - hundred-meter mural depicting all the stages of rice production. At a height of eight meters, it is impressive in its scope. It was created by the representatives of the other "rice" of the country, North Korean artists, a team of 60 people worked on the mural. Rotating around its axis platform, which is made by inspection, gives the impression of a moving painted scenery. Panoramic murals are also in the neighboring galleries. The separate exposition is devoted to the history of the rice industry.

The Museum is located on the ground agricultural management in the midst of expansive rice fields in hundred thousand hectares. The Museum itself is a platform for research and further development of this important culture.