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Pavilion Balai-The Nobat

Photos and description

Pavilion Balai-the nobat was built in 1906. The pavilion is constructed in the form of an octagonal tower, surmounted by a beautiful dome shaped bulbs.

In hall Balai-stored the nobat musical instruments of the Royal orchestra (in Malay Royal band - "the nobat"), mostly percussion, but there is flute, and trumpet. And most interestingly, the name of the pavilion in the Malay and means "the storage of musical instruments of the Royal orchestra." They say that the drums for the orchestra was presented by the Sultan of Malacca in the fifteenth century.

The crown tools Balai-the nobat was built in 1735, although there is information that the original building was built between 1854 and 1879 years and consisted of 5 floors. In 1906 was reconstruction, which had been in the building 3 floors. Today, the building height is 18 meters, the outer walls of the tower are painted white and yellow. The pavilion is crowned by a large and beautiful dome.

Basically, in Malaysia there are two types of orchestras: the gamelan and the nobat. The birthplace of gamelan - Indonesia, performed rhythmically to music on stringed instruments and gongs. The nobat is the Royal orchestra, his music is more solemn, as the orchestra plays at the Sultan's court. The set of instruments is the drums (three), flutes, gongs. Lead lead flute-serunai.

The pavilion is very easy to find, it is opposite the mosque of Zahir, another well-known attractions of ALOR Setar. Unfortunately, access to the pavilion to the public is prohibited. But the tools are imposed, however, only in special cases, such as, for example, the Royal wedding, the accession to the throne or a Royal funeral.