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Suffolk house is a classic example of how well the British colonial architecture blends with the bright blue Asian sky and tropical vegetation.

A house in the suburbs of George town was the first colonial mansion Penang island. It was built as the residence of Francis light, the founder of the city and the British colony of Penang. A wonderful Georgian building was built in the late XVIII century from a bar. Calm and elegant view of the house surrounded by a traditional English lawns contrasted with Asian pretentious and ostentatious luxury. Francis Light he so resembled Eastern England, what he called a mansion, Suffolk house in honor of the County in which he was born. The first Governor of Penang have lived in this house until his death.

Subsequently, the mansion was the residence of several governors of the island, he then served as a government house. Its walls are witnesses of the stages of the history of the British colonies, from the magnificent reception in honor of the distinguished guests, their England to a tense political negotiations on the establishment of new territories in South-East Asia. Suffolk house was also the venue for official and social events.

In the twenties of the last century, the mansion was sold the local Methodist Church for the organization of schools for boys. During the Second world war the building was occupied by the Japanese occupation administration. After the war there was alternately a dental clinic, a school cafeteria, again, Methodist boys school etc. the Building rapidly fell into decay and in 1975 was declared an emergency.

The story of its restoration deserves a special mention. A huge amount of preparatory work - the transfer of land, provision of school boys from another building condition survey of the building was finished in 2000. Then began a unique restoration. In addition to government means the local historical society has announced the collection of donations. A considerable amount was brought by the descendants of Francis light.

Today, Suffolk house is an authentic building, rebuilt in stone. It is under the protection of the NGOs in the conservation of the architectural heritage of the country. And, like all Georgetown under the auspices of UNESCO.

In the mansion there is a room which reproduces the life of the Governor's families XVIII and XIX centuries. As well as a restaurant, a stylized colonial.