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The Mosque Of Kapitan Kling

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The mosque Captain Kelling - the most famous, largest and oldest Muslim temple in Georgetown.

Was built in 1801, the first Muslims of Penang island. They were Indians troops of the East India company, who founded the national community. In the early nineteenth century the leaders of all ethnic communities of the Sultanate were called captains. The word "keling" meant people from India. The name of the mosque was formed in honor of the head of the Muslim community of the Indians - Captain Keling. Currently, the term "keling" was recognized as offensive, but in the historical name of the mosque, he survived.

The original mosque building was one storey. The modern look of the mosque received after the restoration in 1930. According to Muslim rules, it was not rebuilt and increased. The architecture of the building significantly influence the Moorish style - high arches in the whitewashed walls that create the impression of depth, dome ochre and minaret, decorated with stone carvings, also with a domed roof. Along the graceful arches of the external number you can go to the main prayer room. In this room attracts the attention of sparkling chandelier adorning the dome, and reflected on the white marble floor. Wall panels with quotations from the Koran. Stained glass Windows depict floral patterns and geometric motifs.

The building of the mosque looks very well maintained. It is Penang is not only a landmark, but a beautiful illustration of Oriental tales, especially impressive at sunset.

More than two centuries, the mosque Captain Kelling serves as a place of prayer for the Muslim Indian community of the island. It is filled with praying five times a day, seven days a week - unlike other mosques, less traditional.