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Royal Selangor cricket club

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Royal cricket club Selangor is located near the Independence square (Merdeka), which in the XIX century served as the field for the game. Originated in the XVI century in the South of England, cricket by the end of the XVIII century became one of the national sports. And the Imperial expansion of great Britain has facilitated the spread of the game around the world.

And in Kuala Lumpur, founded in 1884, the club became a center of colonial life. Here played cricket and Billiards, attended concerts and plays, just talked, like any English club. At the base he immediately received the name of Royal club Selangor. Soon joined by the nickname "the spotted dog" after two Dalmatians belonging to one of the founders of the club. During his stay here, he left the dogs to guard the entrance. Apparently it was so common that the dogs have become a permanent feature of the landscape, and the club received the second name.

Designing and restructuring of that which is precious to the British place a hand in the most famous English architects of Kuala Lumpur. Initially, the club was located in a small wooden building. In 1890 under the project of Arthur Norman built a two-story building. In 1910 Arthur Habeck designed two additional wings on either side of the main building in the Tudor style.

In the club's history was a sad page: four floods, the Japanese occupation during the Second world war and a fire in 1970. An exact copy of the original building, only now in pseudotumoral style, was built in 1980. The field of play were allocated nearby. In 1984 celebrated the centenary of the club. He confirmed the Royal status, and the then Sultan of Selangor stressed that this is the oldest club should always exist.

Since the founding of the club criteria for membership it has always been both educational and social standards, but never the nationality or race. Currently, traditions are observed. Club membership is very expensive, so it includes the richest people of the country.