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The Sultan's Museum

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Sultan, or king, the Museum was built in 1736 by the nineteenth Sultan of Kedah, which is known as the founder of ALOR Setar. The original building was wooden, and in those turbulent times had no chance to survive. In 1770 the city was attacked by the warlike Bugis from neighbouring Indonesia. In the twenties of the XIX century in ALOR Setar attacked other neighbours of Siam (modern Thailand).

In the mid-nineteenth century on the ruins of a wooden Palace was erected of stone at the behest of the then Sultan. He restored the Palace for his wife Mak WAN besar. Still the old-timers sometimes called the Imperial Palace Museum Wang besar.

At the beginning of the last century, Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah staged in the Palace of the Grand wedding just five of their children. The space of the Palace was extended with a pavilion and also built separate quarters for guests. The wedding feast lasted three months. Then, the building has received another name - "the Palace Pelamin".

Later the Palace was school, then it was used as office of several agencies, including the charity medical organization and representation of the scout movement.

Since 1983, the Palace is the Sultan's Museum. In his collection of antique furniture, household items of the ruling family, regalia, donated by members of the family of the Sultan of Kedah. There are a great number of documents and photos.

Part of the Museum dedicated to the first Prime Minister of independent Malaysia, which was born in this Palace, in the family of Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah.

In the garden of the Sultan's Museum displays a large collection of antique guns.