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Pavilion Balai Besar

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Pavilion Balai besar was built in 1735 and is considered one of the most unusual sights of ALOR Setar. The pavilion is not open to the General public, but is used for Royal and state ceremonies. Balai besar is very easy to find, it is near the Central square of ALOR Setar.

Pavilion Balai besar is very large, the design support tall columns, the top of which is decorated with carvings in the Victorian style. Also in the decoration of the pavilion (wood carving) considerably and the influence of Thai culture.

Balai besar, or as it is called - a Hall for official receptions, was built by the founder of ALOR Setar, Sultan Mohammed Jiva Signalom the âbidîn, the 19th Sultan of the Sultanate of Kedah. Originally, the pavilion was made of wood, was located in the Palace complex - Kota Setar and was called the Balai Rong Seri (audience hall).

Unfortunately, the structure was destroyed due to military attacks in 1770 and 1821. In 1896, during the reign of the 26th Sultan of Kedah, Abdul Hamid Halim Shah, the building was restored.

The roof of the pavilion built in his typical Malay architecture style - it is long, as it reminds a mountain peak. It should be noted that such roof is of most Malay houses. With the left and right side are verandas. The columns and cross beam of the pavilion was made of sandalwood, which grew in the state of Kedah, and the roof from palm tree.

In the pavilion in 1904, was held a magnificent wedding ceremony for daughters and sons of the 26th Sultan of Kedah. Extravagant feast lasted three months.