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Market, Pekan Rabu

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Market, Pekan Rabu is a shopping centre located in ALOR Setar, the capital of the Federal state of Kedah. In translation the name sounds like "Wednesday market".

ALOR Setar is one of the oldest cities in the region. The city is surrounded by scenic rice fields, the city has a Museum of rice culture, and the state of Kedah is also called "rice bowl" of Malaysia. In addition to the luxurious nature, ALOR Setar is known for outlandish kampungan (villages), architectural monuments, temples. The city is the house where he was born Mahathir Mohamad - statesman and political figure and Prime Minister in 1981-2003. Mahathir Mohamad is known that under him Malaysia demonstrated high rates of economic growth and during the crisis of 1997-1998, Malaysia recovered from the crisis faster than other countries in South-East Asia thanks to its wise financial policies.

Market, Pekan Rabu is a popular place both for locals and for tourists. Despite the fact that the name is translated as "Wednesday market", the Pekan Rabu is open every day until 21: 00, and even on public holidays. Even earlier, when the market was small size of the market pavilions in the shade of palm leaves, it really only sold on Wednesdays. Over time, the market has grown to a multi-storey building, where you can buy a variety of goods and local Souvenirs, jewelry, clothing and much more. In addition, Pekan Rabu is the best place to try Malay cuisine - for example, dodol (a kind of marmalade), serundeng (spicy fried flakes of coconut), Kuah rojak (a traditional salad vegetables and fruit) and garam belacan (shrimp paste).