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Wat Necrophorum

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Wat Necrophorum is located almost in the city centre of ALOR Setar. This capital of the Malay state of Kedah is located near the border with Thailand, and in different ages, the city was on one side or the other abroad. It greatly influenced all aspects of life in the old town, on the composition of the population, national cuisine, culture, architecture, etc. ALOR Setar is a wonderful combination of Thai and Malay.

A small but very impressive Wat Necrophorum - a visual example of this mixing of styles. It was built by members of the Buddhist community, which includes living in the city are Chinese and Thais. The architecture of the temple is dominated by Thai style with small patches of Chinese motives. The internal arrangement of the typical Thai temples characterize separate halls - hall of shrines, room locations, and even a separate room for storage of sacred texts (in our library). Separately, there is a room where children can receive religious education.

The appearance of Wat Necrophorum is also a masterpiece of Thai architecture with high thatched roofs (unlike the curved roofs of Chinese temples), and decorative filigree trim. The gilded roof of this iconic structure, colorful mosaics and carvings of the walls - recognizable features of most Thai temples.

This bright and beautiful temple in white, green and gold tones is a sanctuary and spiritual home for Buddhists of the city. The followers of the second (largest) denominations in the country continue in the temple of the Theravada and Mahayana. For the administration of these religious ceremonies often come here Buddhist monks from other countries.

In General, this Buddhist Shrine is an important place for understanding the importance of two religions in Malaysia.