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Botanical garden in Pamplemousses

Photos and description

One of the most magnificent sights of the island of Mauritius Botanical garden named Sivasagar SSR or Goodlands.

During the French reign in place of the Botanical garden was the garden and garden plantation, which supplied products for the kitchen of the Governor. In 1735, by order of the Manager of the island, was invited by the botanist Pierre Poivre, who laid the Botanical garden. The name of the garden comes from the French pronunciation of "pomelo", the fruit that it grows. The planted area was about 25 hectares, most of the plants were bred to obtain spices and exotic fruits.

A result of the sea blockade by the British, Mauritius had constant communication with France, gardening has faded into the background. For many years the garden was not proper care, just after crossing the Islands under the jurisdiction of England, plants took up James Duncan. There were grown Laurel and clove trees, cinnamon, nutmeg, tobacco, Araucania, breadfruit, bougainvillea.

The name of Seewosagur Ramgoolam, the first Prime Minister of the state of Maruichi, was awarded the garden at the end of the 20th century. Now Botanical garden is a collection of trees and flowers collected from all over the world and grow only in these latitudes.

Interest main gate with unicorns and lions - the gift of the garden, which became one of the winners of the specialized exhibition of 1862. Right at the entrance grows a giant baobab tree, in the depths of the lake the water lilies, lotuses. Amazing ebony trees, Lily Victoria, Venezuelan rose, rare species of palm trees - elephant and flowering time in 30 years telepop, rubber wood, bamboo Golden, a sugar cane plantation - this is an incomplete list of what can be seen in the garden.

Separate exposition is building mansions in colonial style, surrounded by medicinal plants and spices. In the Botanical garden in deer and Seychelles tortoises.

Garden tour will familiarize you with the most outstanding representatives of the flora, to visit the Winter garden to see the unique collection of irises.