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Creole Museum Eureka in Moka

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In the town of MOCA is Museum Creole house "Eureka", one of the few houses of the 19th century in the English style, which survived in its original form.

The estate belonged to an Englishman by the name of Kerry was built on the model of a Redoubt, the family manor of the Governor. Family Le Clezio bought a house and the surrounding area in 1856. The land around has been processed and is suitable for growing sugar cane, and in our own factory under the name of "Eureka" were made from sugar. The building is located on a hill with a garden of tropical trees, next to the small gorge of the river, whose origins are in the mountains.

The family of Le Clezio lived in the family nest for about seven generations and gave the world artists, doctors, poets. The most famous of the descendants of the writer, the author of the novel "the gold Finder", Nobel prize winner Jean-Marie Le Clezio.

Jacques de Maryam, who became the new owner of the mansion in 1984, arranged in the house Museum of the life of the 19th century. The Villa was fully restored, put in order wrap-around deck with 109 doors. For visitors to the house opened music room, office, bedroom, bathroom. Presents furniture made of precious wood - ebony and red, jacaranda, old photographs and paintings, antique Chinese porcelain, items pertaining to Indian culture. The highlight of the Museum is a Creole restaurant, where meals are prepared according to original recipes of the 17th - 19th centuries.

The Park consists of trees, azaleas, ferns, authentic plants of the island of Mauritius, it includes several waterfalls.