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The Aquarium Of Mauritius

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In the North-West coast of Mauritius, in the charming small village of Pointe Aux Piments is the aquarium.

The Mauritius aquarium offers a unique tour. Walk through five well-designed buildings, surrounded by a tropical garden allows its visitors to explore the rich aquatic life which inhabits the coastal and pelagic waters of Mauritius. Different types of marine life are grouped in well-lit, private galleries and swimming pools, making observation possible at eye level endless ballet surrounding the island eco-system. The view is fantastic and enchanting.

The aquarium is home to a large number of species, including fish proteins (SquirrelFish Crown) and bats, as well as clownfish, butterfly fish, lobster and crab, and it is only a small part of its inhabitants.

Children and adults interested in feeding sessions that take place daily at 11:00 and 15:00. You don't have to see at arm's length, like eating with human hands giant morays, sharks and sea turtles.

The aquarium offers the opportunity to safe marine life in a special contact pool that children will surely enjoy.

In the aquarium system has been installed ecological water purification. It includes cyclic the treatment and processing of sea water in the complex of interconnected vessels, thus minimizing the impact on the environment, and does not violate the ecosystem.

When the aquazoo has a café and a shop of Souvenirs and gifts.