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Mosque Jummah

Photos and description

One of the cult Muslim constructions on the island of Mauritius is Jummah mosque in Port Louis. Construction was started after the purchase in 1852 of two adjoining plots on Royal street. The buyers waived the right of ownership of land in favor of the Muslim community to which they belonged. The community decided to use the generous gift to renovate the mosque, and donators received a special status among his co-religionists.

On one of sites there was a building in which was placed a temporary house of prayer. A new mosque was built twenty years, although he was open in 1853. Elegant carving around the perimeter of the white fairy building, towers-minarets and dome of Golden color always attract attention and create the illusion of touch to the wonderful tale.

The name of Jammeh comes from the Arabic pronunciation, "Friday", the day of the week - the most important among the adherents of Allah, the day of the joint prayer, worship and preaching. Friday prayers in the mosque of Jummah so popular and valuable to Muslims of Mauritius that are broadcast on local TV and radio live.

The mosque is located on the edge of Chinatown, away from the center. The entrance to the building is permitted in appropriate clothing, free of charge, you can also book a guided tour. Allowed survey and inspection of the premises may be present at the prayer.